Outsourcing Services.

By outsourcing the HelpDesk, companies can save time, effort and money, at the time they improve the service quality. Chatwin Company runs the HelpDesk for several companies, helping them to deliver a world-class service to internal and external clients, based on ITIL and/or COBIT processes.

End User On-Site Support
We have a high trained technical staff to deliver On-Site support to customers. Our Field Technicians and Engineers are certified by the most prestigious vendors and manufacturers of the Industry, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft, Panduit, Commscompe, Kaspersky, APC, and more. We are famous for our quality of service

Break & Fix
Our company delivers Break and Fix services for a significant number of brands and territories. We are currently the Break and Fix services providers for Dell warranty services through Unisys, delivering services in The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Haiti. We are also the Warranty services providers for Panasonic. We provide this service directly to customers that want to maintain their devices up and running with an extended support provided by Chatwin Company, taking advantage of the know-how and experience of our company.

Manged Services
Chatwin Company provides Managed Services for a wide variety of solutions, including Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Servers, Storage Solutions, Software and more, always incluiding our world-class technical support service. The Managed Service model allows customers to have peace of mind by getting Device, Remote and On-Site Technical Support, Updates, Security and Technology Refreshment, altogether. We design Managed Services solution for each individual cutomer need.

Data Center and Infrastructure.

Structured Cabling
Certified by the leading manufacturers of the Industry, Chatwin Company has designed and implemented very important Structured Cabling solutions for several companies. Chatwin is recognized and certified by the main vendors of Structured Cabling Industry, such as Panduit, Commscope and Superior.

Data Center Design and Implementation
We have built several Data Centers for customers, starting by designing the ideal solution, and following with the implementation of the subsystems of the Data Center, based on the Industry Standards. We cover all subsystems within the Data Center, such as HVAC, Power, Network Infrastructure, Servers, Grounding, Security, Fire Detection and Protection, and all other sub systems.

Data Center Assessments
Chatwin offers this service to help customers to achieve goals and objectives related to the Data Center availability based on the Industry Standards, delivering the guide to reach the desired Tier for your Data Center.

Network Assessments
Chatwin offers this service to help customers to achieve goals and objectives related to the Network availability, reliability, administration and security based on the Industry Standards.

Energy Conservation
We offer our customers the best solutions for energy saving, helping corporations to save money at the time they contribute to the environment health. We assess, distribute, design and install energy saving solutions supported by the most prestigeous manufacturers.


We provide MindJet Licensing and Consulting Services. MindManager is the best Mind Mapping productivity software in the world, ideal for Project Management, Processes, Budgets, Planning, and much more. Chatwin can can help you implement this innovative concept into your business, increasing your staff efficiency. We also offer consulting services for map creation and maintenance as well as training for your staff.

We provide Microsoft Licensing and Consulting Services. From Operating System Licensing to Microsoft Exchange Implementation, we can help you to create the optimus infrastructure for your company.

Kaspersky Lab
We are a Kaspersky Lab certified Sales and Technical partner. We Provide licencing, Implementation services and post-sale support for all Kaspersky Lab products.

Google Apps
Chatwin offers Google Apps licensing, implementation and support for business and education.

We provide SysAid Help Desk and Customer Service solutions, from licensing to implementation and post-sale support.

Mifos X
Chatwin offers Implementation Services and Support for Mifos X Financial Platform, helping SACCOS, Cooperatives, Banks and Credit Unions to deliver a true financial inclusion in these modern world.

Servers and Storage.

Server Installation and Support
Our engineers are certified by the most prestigious manufacturers, such as Dell and HP. We provide our customers with the best server solutions, including hardware, installation and technical support.

SAN Design and Implementation
We are one of the most experienced company in SAN design and implementation. With more than 50 SAN projects installed, and certified by Dell and EMC, our staff is ready to help you to develop a reliable and secure SAN environment.

Virtualization Assessments and Implementations
Before investing a large amount of money in virtualization, the first step a company should take is to assess itself of what they have and what they need in terms of virtualization. Chatwin Company has helped serveral customers by delivering Virtualization Assessment services, which help the customer to know where exactly is the company, what is needed to virtualize, exactly which resources to virtualize and what will be the Return of Investment for the virtualization project. This Virtualization Assessment service will save time, money and effort to the company, by having the right information on hand to make the right decisions. After haveing the right decision to virtualize, Chatwin can help you to implement the virtualization solution. Our Engineers are certified by VMWare for Implementation and Support of Virtual Environments.