What is Dell Remote Monitoring?

Is a service that proactively monitors your PCs, servers and networks to identify problems and address them before something goes wrong. It’s like putting your IT environment on “auto-pilot”. Dell monitors your platform 24x7 with our own managed services technology so we are automatically alerted to potential problems. Many issues can be corrected by our customer support staff without you even noticing a problem. We electronically update you with patches, upgrades and new features, to free your IT staff from hardware and software maintenance activities

How does it work?

Remote Monitoring is divided into 3 basic elements:

  • Alerts Service: With our Alerts Service you can rest assured if something is wrong we’ll make you aware of it.
  • Resolution: With our Resolution service we’ll go a step further and fix the problem for you.
  • Management: With our Management service we can compliment your existing resources or even do it all. We can maintain your entire environment, plus provide employee “help desk” support, allowing you to focus your resources on strategic initiatives that more directly contribute to the success of your business.

  • Multi-Tenant monitoring: Securely support multiple devices, applications, networks and sites from one system.
  • Notifications: Generate and transmit alerts by email, pager or email-enabled cell phones when a critical event occurs in your IT environment.. The notification format is customizable to easily integrate with other applications
  • Policy-based provisioning:Define your monitoring policies once and assign them to devices in seconds. About 2,000 default policy monitoring components are included to speed deployment and deliver industry best practices
  • Performance: Store, trend and report on dozens of performance statistics such as CPU, memory, disk and interface utilization. Generate alerts on threshold violations, with automatic clearing capabilities.
  • Vulnerability Scanning:Scan and report on over 2,000 vulnerabilities across hardware and software configurations. Schedule scans to run at any time, and view details of any scheduled scan in the Scheduled Tasks Report.
  • Patch Management: Scan for missing patches and deploy updates to one or multiple Windows devices, per site or per device.

Technical Specifications

technical specifications